The 8 step process of creating your first supplement company online


The supplement industry is growing. More people realize the huge demand in this field. It can bring huge revenue. You can start your supplement company right from your home and make it the best new supplements to look for. Here are the steps for creating your first supplement company online.

1. First, you need to decide what kinds of supplements you want to sell. You can choose from diet aids, vitamins, sports supplements, herbs, proteins, etc. You can concentrate on a specific segment of customers, like sell only sports supplements. You can also think of selling all kinds of supplements. But niche markets work better when there is too much competition. There is huge competition in the market of supplements today. So, you may well think of serving a niche market.
2. Obtain a license for your business. This will help you to collect sales taxes from the customers. You should obtain all the documents required for starting a business. Go to the FDA website and see if you are violating any of their clauses on selling supplements. You should get insurance for the business. By having insurance, a customer won’t be able to blame you if they have any negative effect for using your product.
3. You should find a manufacturer or wholesale supplier for obtaining the supplements. You can check with the National Wholesalers Association. You can also visit to look for publications that are on supplements and wholesaler. You can find a list of product manufacturers from the site You can also find ads of supplement wholesalers in magazines. You should then shortlist some manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Call them and ask them specific questions to see if they meet your requirements. You should look for manufacturer or wholesaler who offers drop shipping service. So, you won’t have to stock a large inventory of products. This is essential for an online business as you don’t have the space to stock up. If you need to stock up then, you will have to rent a space for it. You should select the manufacturer or the wholesaler that offers the lowest per unit product cost.
4. You should apply for a merchant account at your bank. You should sign up for or other payment processors so that your customers have more payment options. The more options you give them, the better it is.
5. You should create a professional looking website for your supplement business. You must hire a web designer for creating one for you. Going to a web design firm can be expensive. You can hire web designers who work freelance. If you have a friend who is good at web design, you can ask him or her to help you. There are various e-commerce platforms available now on the Internet, like You can use these platforms easily to create your business website. Your website should contain high-quality pictures of your products. Each product must have a detailed description of the ingredients present, their benefits, etc. You must use responsive web design so that that prospective customer can view your site from any device. You should optimize the contents of your site with good keywords. This will help the search engines to rank your products higher in the search engine results pages. If possible, you can hire an expert in SEO to help you increase your page rank.
6. You should price your products properly. Don’t get tempted to charge a high price for making more profit. Initially, you must concentrate on creating a good customer base for your company. There is too much competition. So, if you charge high, then customers won’t buy from you. You should be realistic in fixing the price for your products. If you set a very low price, it will be hard to run your company. You should study the market for similar products and find out how much your competitors are charging. Then you should set up the price accordingly.
7. You should distribute your catalogs and brochures to businesses in your area. You should find places where you can get your prospective customers; for example, gym or sports club. You can also target supermarkets.
8. You should maintain a database of your customers. You can make the customers fill out a sign-up form or feedback form so that you can get their contact details. This way you can send them marketing materials from time to time.

You can successfully create your online supplement company by following these steps. You should create a budget for your project and make a plan to grow your business.

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