I am looking for people with vision, integrity, and knowledge to share. I want you to help me uplift startups and build people’s lives.

You don’t have to be an expert or specialist, all you have to be is skilled.

In writing the BEST articles, all you need is a good sense of grammar and a story to tell. If you’re as passionate as me about helping people with their businesses, then help me share my experiences with the world.

To apply as a writer, send me an article that is:

– Unique and copyright free

– 500-2500 words long

– If you want to send me a podcast or audio file, send it in .mp3 format

– If you want to send me a video, send it in .mp4 format

– Pictures or any photos for the article must be in .jpeg and should be of magazine quality. (150dpi @ 100%)

– Make sure your work is

– Conversational,

– Practical, and

– Instructive

Through your work, you must show enthusiasm for business and the dedication to success. If you’re the person I’m looking for, apply right away.

All you have to do is fill up the Contact Form and send me your application! You’ll be paid generously!

Together, success is within reach!