4 Simple Tips On Finding Reliable Suppliers For Your E-Commerce Store



E-Commerce business is what’s hot these days. It provides convenience to the consumer that’s why the industry is highly patronized. If you own an E-Commerce store, I’m sure you’ve gone through a lot of things trying to find reliable suppliers. It’s not easy to do because there are things that you have to consider. If you end up with a vendor that keeps on providing delayed orders, it can easily break your business. We all know that consumers want fast and efficient delivery of their goods. If they can’t keep up, it’s your name that will be on the line in front of irate customers. Here are four simple tips on how you can find a reliable source of supplies for your business.

1. Products availability


One good trait of a reliable supplier is if they have various products that they can offer. You can’t go for a provider that only has a limited amount of goods that they can provide you. It’s not good for the business. People want choices, and customers won’t be around your store if the items are always out of stock.

2. Shipping


The shipping of the ordered goods is essential for your business. The kind of shipment the supplier should have is something reliable. As the business owner, you can’t afford to have orders delayed for your customers. A delayed delivery is the best way to lose clients. As an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that the time of your clients is respected.

3. Price


The cost of the supplies is a major factor for an e-commerce business. The lower the price you can get the product, the less the amount you can sell it. Consumers are consistent in looking for the lowest price they can get for any purchase. If what you’re selling is more affordable than your competition, people will most likely get their goods from you. One way you can market your products at the lowest price possible is if you can get the best price from your suppliers.

4. Customer Service


We all know that customer service is something that is essential for any business. People always have inquiries, questions, and even complaints. A good sign of a reliable supplier is if they have a customer service department that is available all the time. Having a 24/7 customer service is not enough advertisement. The vendor’s customer service must be interactive and knowledgeable. If you are the client, we can’t avoid some things that we need to clarify or if there is any need for a refund. In business, things can happen all the time. It is in your best interest if the supplier that you will be getting is very responsive.

If you are trying to look for qualified vendors, it is best if you can research extensively. One fact about those suppliers that are reliable and budget-friendly is that they don’t advertise a lot. If you’re doing a search, don’t be surprised if you can see them on the last page.

The 8 step process of creating your first supplement company online



The supplement industry is growing. More people realize the huge demand in this field. It can bring huge revenue. You can start your supplement company right from your home and make it the best new supplements to look for. Here are the steps for creating your first supplement company online.

1. First, you need to decide what kinds of supplements you want to sell. You can choose from diet aids, vitamins, sports supplements, herbs, proteins, etc. You can concentrate on a specific segment of customers, like sell only sports supplements. You can also think of selling all kinds of supplements. But niche markets work better when there is too much competition. There is huge competition in the market of supplements today. So, you may well think of serving a niche market.
2. Obtain a license for your business. This will help you to collect sales taxes from the customers. You should obtain all the documents required for starting a business. Go to the FDA website and see if you are violating any of their clauses on selling supplements. You should get insurance for the business. By having insurance, a customer won’t be able to blame you if they have any negative effect for using your product.
3. You should find a manufacturer or wholesale supplier for obtaining the supplements. You can check with the National Wholesalers Association. You can also visit Tradepub.com to look for publications that are on supplements and wholesaler. You can find a list of product manufacturers from the site Thomasnet.com. You can also find ads of supplement wholesalers in magazines. You should then shortlist some manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Call them and ask them specific questions to see if they meet your requirements. You should look for manufacturer or wholesaler who offers drop shipping service. So, you won’t have to stock a large inventory of products. This is essential for an online business as you don’t have the space to stock up. If you need to stock up then, you will have to rent a space for it. You should select the manufacturer or the wholesaler that offers the lowest per unit product cost.
4. You should apply for a merchant account at your bank. You should sign up for PayPal.com or other payment processors so that your customers have more payment options. The more options you give them, the better it is.
5. You should create a professional looking website for your supplement business. You must hire a web designer for creating one for you. Going to a web design firm can be expensive. You can hire web designers who work freelance. If you have a friend who is good at web design, you can ask him or her to help you. There are various e-commerce platforms available now on the Internet, like shopify.com. You can use these platforms easily to create your business website. Your website should contain high-quality pictures of your products. Each product must have a detailed description of the ingredients present, their benefits, etc. You must use responsive web design so that that prospective customer can view your site from any device. You should optimize the contents of your site with good keywords. This will help the search engines to rank your products higher in the search engine results pages. If possible, you can hire an expert in SEO to help you increase your page rank.
6. You should price your products properly. Don’t get tempted to charge a high price for making more profit. Initially, you must concentrate on creating a good customer base for your company. There is too much competition. So, if you charge high, then customers won’t buy from you. You should be realistic in fixing the price for your products. If you set a very low price, it will be hard to run your company. You should study the market for similar products and find out how much your competitors are charging. Then you should set up the price accordingly.
7. You should distribute your catalogs and brochures to businesses in your area. You should find places where you can get your prospective customers; for example, gym or sports club. You can also target supermarkets.
8. You should maintain a database of your customers. You can make the customers fill out a sign-up form or feedback form so that you can get their contact details. This way you can send them marketing materials from time to time.

You can successfully create your online supplement company by following these steps. You should create a budget for your project and make a plan to grow your business.

Four Realistic Ways To Fund Your Startup Business


Without funding, a startup would be nothing. You have to make sure your business launches on the right track, so you must get your funds from reliable sources. You must be careful in handling funds especially since these will be the launching pad of your startup.

Here are four ways you can get funding for your business…

1. Crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding is a new and inventive way of getting people to fund your business. If you’ve seen companies asking for donations to create a product that people would like to use, then you’ve had a glimpse of crowdfunding. This is a new way of getting your patrons to support your business especially when you have a groundbreaking idea. If people believe in the product you’re selling, you’ll be able to get them to sign on your program with benefits and premiums all in the hopes of jumpstarting your business.

2. Venture Capitalist.


A venture capitalist is an individual who’s willing to invest your company in the hopes it will become a major success someday. This person usually has established enterprises and a lot of money to spare. If you have a friend, relative, or mentor who has a lot of money, try approaching them to see if they’re interested in funding your startup, especially if your startup has potential. However, these capitalists want to own a large part of your company to influence its direction when the necessity arises, so you must be prepared.

3. Angel Investor.


An Angel Investor is very much like the Capital investor but with less control over your startup. They’re usually willing to fund your startup and ask for profit when you receive it, but they won’t require a commanding position in your company.

4. Small Business Loan.


The bank is always a primary source of funds, even for your startup. Different banks have different business loan packages, so you have to do your research before agreeing to their terms especially when it comes to payment plans. You have to strategize in such a way that your profit will be able to pay off the loan eventually.

These four ways can be utilized to get enough funds to get your startup moving.

So, what are you waiting for?

What Benefits Can You Get on Working in a Startup?


Most of the tech giants like Apple and Microsoft got their ticket to success as startups.

People think that startups are too difficult to sustain, but what they don’t know, is that with the right idea and the right mindset, you could earn billions.

Society of Collaboration


The thing that makes startups unique is the fact that it’s usually never done by one person. Everybody needs help sometimes, and collaborations are typically the best way to get most things done.

Starting a business requires a lot of sacrifice and a lot of decisions. Adding people to your decision-making process and the execution of your business will only be beneficial, given that you choose the right people.

Absence of Bureaucracy

Some people like working under bosses while there are others who want to lead their businesses. Startups give people the chance to be themselves while being flexible. This is what sets startups apart from corporations. Instead of having a 9-5pm desk job with no flexibility, why not try the startup life and control your time any way you see fit.



One of the biggest advantages of starting a startup is that you control everything, especially the funds. Here there are no hidden accounts and no hidden agendas. With you at the helm of your business, you can oversee every aspect of your work and see where the money’s going without having to report to anyone.

Trust is always essential in starting a business, so you must be able to hire people who won’t take advantage of you and your hard work. Once you have a set of amazing humans, trust them and lead them to success!

5 Marketing Tips for Established Startups


In any successful business, marketing plays a part in growing and expanding, in particular for startups. With the right strategy, you will be able to increase your customers, followers, and patrons in building your business.

Here are 5 Marketing Tips for a Better Startup!

Pick The Right Audience


Every product is catered to a specific audience. If you think you can sell high heels to men, then you’re mistaken. Each product you make has to have a target audience because they will be the one to focus on. If you haven’t decided on your target audience, you’ll have difficulties developing your startup in a particular niche. Focusing your business is a way to find your startup’s identity. People want something special and different, so give them that.

Think about Hiring a Marketing Department


As an overseer, you can only do so much. Handling a business requires many working hands, and usually more than you can come up with. Hiring a marketing department will make your life much easier than it currently is. While you focus on your business and your product, your marketing department will bring the world closer to you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Partner

img-7Getting a business partner does have its risks, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. By getting a partner, you’ll be able to split the costs of maintaining a business especially if you’re low on funds. If you’re not into looking for a partner, you can always look for established businesspeople, to become investors. You’ll have to give them a share of your profit, but it’ll save your business when you need it.

Email Marketing


Email marketing may be one of the oldest tools in online advertising, but it’s also one of the most efficient strategies. This approach makes your clients feel a personal connection to you and your business so don’t turn a blind eye on sending emails. All you have to do is build a contact list as your customers visit your establishment, and you can use online services to send your personalized email.

Social Media


If you haven’t noticed yet, everyone is on their phones! People spend countless hours looking at their smartphones so use that to your advantage! Create social pages on all networking sites you can think of. Once you get your online presence out, the people will start coming! As long as you have well-designed socials, you’ll get more likes and followers!

experimentation and you’ll be seeing the profits in a matter of moments!